Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memories and Reflections

Today is my youngest sons 6th birthday! So many thoughts go through my head as I relfect on his last 6 amazing years! he has defied all odds and grown and achieved things no one ever thought possible (except me of course)He has become an amazing little boy who is capable of so much more. although the cochlear implant didn't work out as good as we had hoped (autism and his genetic deletion thingy complicated things) it still is a vital part of him and he loves it and wants it on, but signing will be his language. So when I look back on the child who the doctors told me " do not expect too much" from and "just be happy with what you get" I feel like saying HA HA Neiner neiner..I can actually sign this in sign language..I learned! So as I decorate my house with cowboy stuff for his birthday party and make him a strawberry shortcake guitar cake (which is AWESOME! pics will for sure follow)I can't help but be amazed by the gift God had entrusted me with, and thats what it is. He is not mine, he is and has always been one of God's angels and luckily I get to be a part of raising him. I just can't wait to see what the next 6 years will bring!


Julia said...

Happy Birthday, Nickster! [There -- I just said that in sign, too!]

Farmers Wife said...

Happy birthday little man. What a beautiful post. My mums bday was today too!! and my husbands was two days ago, so three amazing souls to cherish!!!!