Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on Mom

Well I am currently sitting in the ICU of a hospital in Las Vegas Nevada. Mom had her surgery and came through fine. She did end up having ovarian cancer and having a huge mass removed from inside..Good news is that the doctor thinks she got it all but she will still have to have chemo to knock out any other surviving cells. She will also have to have another surgery in the next year to put some things back together again. Thank God that she has come throught this surgery okay and is doing well. She is talking and moving better and will probablybe able to go home in the next 10 days. However..this whole ordeal has really changed my perspective on life and has made me really see how important it is to tell the people in your life how much you love them and to really live and live for what is really important..I feel like I need to really concentrate on what my life is and has become and really get back to being that person that I used to be. I feel positive for what the future holds for my mom and for all of our family..focus on the positive things..thats all that stand between you and the loony bin..Thanks for all the prayers..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayers for my momma!

My mom is having surgery Wednesday to remove a softball sized mass from her ovary. While I know she will be okay..I'm still a little worried. With surgery there is always risk and I know that so again..I'm worried. In order to keep myself sane and not to go crazy I thought I'd write it out..So in celebration of are 10 things I love about my mom..

1. She loves my kids with all her heart and lets them be little boys..she treats them like children and keeps them in line..

2. She is ALWAYS there when I need her..even when I tell her that "I got it all under control..don't worry" like when I had my tubes tied..and I called her from recovery with a fat lip and in a lot of pain and begged her to come take care of me..

3. When I told her I was pregnant..a month after high school graduation..she didn't yell..didn't get mad..etc..she just hugged me and then helped me tell my Dad..(secretly..she was excited about having a grandchild)

4. she taught me how to clean and cook..which may sound stupid but now a days these are skills that a lot of women don't know.

5. She always made Christmas special and is now helping me carry on those traditions..
6. She's not a crazy pack-rat..which will make things easier when i put her in a home..LOL..just kidding!!!
7. She always says the funniest things and doesn't get too mad when we all tease her..we are all ruthless..
8. She sometimes helps clean my house when I'm not looking and when I do catch her she always makes sure I understand that she is only helping me because she knows that I have a lot on my plate..not because I'm a slob..which I swear I'm not..
9. Coconut creme pie..creamed corn at Christmas..enough said..
10. She always knew I'd finish college..I think..but she cried at my graduation party because she was so proud of me..
So keep the momma in your prayers and I'll let you know when she's feelin' good again..its gonna be hard not to make her laugh until all those stitches heal..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Declaration of Purpose

Saw this on Musings of a Treasure huntress' thought I'd give it a try..
I cab driver..but most importantly I am a child of God, a fierce warrior for my sons, a protector of secrets. I am that magic kiss that takes all their pain away, a gentle embrace for sad little boys. I am the maker of that super yummy dinner and hider of the cookies..I am a lover of nature..sunsets..long walks and peaceful breezes through my hair. I am forgotten often but always loved. I am the family keeper of relationships, pictures, ancestry, love, etc. I am not much to all but much to few..I am determined to see my sons grow up to be good men, good husbands, and leaders in Christ. I am a worrier, sometimes a drama queen, but mostly resilient. I am a dreamer of dreams, of writing day and night in a cabin in the middle of the woods, inspired by the sunsets and the quiet whisperings of nature around me. I am my fathers daughter, my mother's treasure and my grandpa's favorite..I am my own declaration of purpose is to be all that God put me here to be and purpose is to slide into heaven after I have served Him well and say.."Whew...what a ride!"..What's your declaration of purpose???

Monday, July 13, 2009

Not me Monday!

This is from another blog..but I don't know how to link JEN!!

I did not put on my headphones and clean windows just to get some peace..nope not me..I did it because they were dirty and needed it..

I did not wash the same load of clothes 3 times because I forgot to take them out of the washer..nope not me..

I did not chop the heck out of the most annoying, obnoxious rosebush tree-monster in exsistence and then dump a little gasoline on its roots...nope not me..must be some rare "rosebush disease"..

I did not ignore my work for school and write an entire essay in an hour all based on made-up stuff..nope not me..I am responsible and always prepared! ha..nope IT WASN"T ME!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Just A FYI: God is always there...
(picture taken from my parents backyard in Lake Havasu on July 3rd

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Havasu

The gang in the pool the right: Nicholas swimming with Debbie

At Nautical Bay..Tristan and Isaiah

4th of July

Debbie, Devon, Isaiah, Tristan, Andrew, me and Nicholas in the ront posing in our homemade tie-dyed shirts

Debbie and I, in the kitchen where we spent lots of time.
to the right: Sarah and Jackie celebrate the fourth as well

For the 4th me and the monkeys went to my mom's house in havasu. Juan had to go home so we forged ahead and still managed to have a good time. We pretty much just laid in the pool and were lazy. However, we did manage to go to nautical bay and let the kids jump on all the inflatables out worth the $10. It was extremely hot but when you are in the water it isn't soo bad afterall. On the acutual fourth we hung out at my parents all day and lazed around drinking and eating entirely WAY TOO MUCH! We made some of the best food, calishetta, jalepeno poppers,cream cheese apple dip, cocont creme pie, etc. We were stuffed and full of food and jungle juice concoctions. Nicholas can now wear floaties and his life jacket and float all over the pool which is another huge milestone for him and a relief for me. All in all it was a very relaxing and fun weekend and it was hard to leave.

Monday, July 6, 2009

more on Zion..

A nice spot to dip in the river because it was very hot!
The whole gang poses for a picture

Told ya Zion was beautiful...

Emerald pools that I believe you are NOT supposed to swim in..they fell in..I swear!

Isaiah, Tristan and Andrew at the Lower Emerald pool. It was very hot and myself and Nicholas, Jackie and Sarah in a stroller, my mom and Dad headed back down as the trail WAS NOT handicap or stroller accessible as it stated on the map. So Juan braved ahead with these 3 punks and saw some good sights..

Back from Vacation..and now back to LIFE!

Isaiah, Andrew and I about 1/3 of the way in..
My grandpa (with hat) my aunt (in the back) and my dad(grey shirt) hiking away

Isaiah, Andrew and my cousin Tristan hiked through and tried to get as wet as humanly possible. They preferred to stay wet all the time!

Juan and Nick hiking on the paved part, which Nick preferred.

Nicholas checking out the campsite..yep it'll do.

We went to Zion National Park in Utah for 5 days and then just the boys and I went on to Havasu for the holiday weekend! What fun we had. I must say camping with boys and one of them being special needs is an experience but as always, Nicholas was a trooper. I try really hard to just push him beyond his comfort zone, obviously without terrifying him. This usually turns out well because once he realizes that its okay he has a blast. Case and point: Going through the Narrows in Zion. At first he wanted nothing to do with putting his feet in the cold water and then once I carried him..grr he is VERY heavy..he started to become interested and then started to like..not love it. He watched everyone and began to try and explore the rocks. It kind of reminds me of my FAVORITE poem, Footprints where the man wonders where God was when he saw only one set of Footprints..God was carrying him. This is me and Nicholas, I am determined to not allow or let him miss anything this world has to offer him so if need be I'll carry him..but let's hope he likes to walk because that little man is getting awfully heavy! So anyway, we hiked and enjoyed Zion and took lots of pictures, which will be below. Go visit Zion and hike the Narrows. I want to go back and hike all the way through because they really were breath-taking!

Nicholas' graduation from Pre-school

Ms. Denise with Nicholas..he knew I was there so he was trying to escape, but he Does love her very much!
With aide Chris and teacher Denise getting his award! Such a little cutie!

Preforming with his class for the end of the year show! I was so proud, I seriously was fighting back tears the WHOLE time. I just wanted to bawl my eyes out because it was so awesome to see him doing new things and doing "normal" things.