Thursday, July 16, 2009

Declaration of Purpose

Saw this on Musings of a Treasure huntress' thought I'd give it a try..
I cab driver..but most importantly I am a child of God, a fierce warrior for my sons, a protector of secrets. I am that magic kiss that takes all their pain away, a gentle embrace for sad little boys. I am the maker of that super yummy dinner and hider of the cookies..I am a lover of nature..sunsets..long walks and peaceful breezes through my hair. I am forgotten often but always loved. I am the family keeper of relationships, pictures, ancestry, love, etc. I am not much to all but much to few..I am determined to see my sons grow up to be good men, good husbands, and leaders in Christ. I am a worrier, sometimes a drama queen, but mostly resilient. I am a dreamer of dreams, of writing day and night in a cabin in the middle of the woods, inspired by the sunsets and the quiet whisperings of nature around me. I am my fathers daughter, my mother's treasure and my grandpa's favorite..I am my own declaration of purpose is to be all that God put me here to be and purpose is to slide into heaven after I have served Him well and say.."Whew...what a ride!"..What's your declaration of purpose???


Nostalchick said...

Jen, I really like it!
Doesn't it feel good to declare your purpose?! I will fill you in at the next meeting about my life :) You rock!

Bridget said...

That was awesome! I might have to do this post sometime:) thanks for sharing! I agree you rock!