Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on Mom

Well I am currently sitting in the ICU of a hospital in Las Vegas Nevada. Mom had her surgery and came through fine. She did end up having ovarian cancer and having a huge mass removed from inside..Good news is that the doctor thinks she got it all but she will still have to have chemo to knock out any other surviving cells. She will also have to have another surgery in the next year to put some things back together again. Thank God that she has come throught this surgery okay and is doing well. She is talking and moving better and will probablybe able to go home in the next 10 days. However..this whole ordeal has really changed my perspective on life and has made me really see how important it is to tell the people in your life how much you love them and to really live and live for what is really important..I feel like I need to really concentrate on what my life is and has become and really get back to being that person that I used to be. I feel positive for what the future holds for my mom and for all of our family..focus on the positive things..thats all that stand between you and the loony bin..Thanks for all the prayers..


Jen said...

I am glad she is doing fine. You're right, sometimes it takes something like that to really put you back in focus.

Julia said...

I'm glad she's recovering well, and I'm sorry about the diagnosis and chemo. I hope all goes well!