Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prayers for my momma!

My mom is having surgery Wednesday to remove a softball sized mass from her ovary. While I know she will be okay..I'm still a little worried. With surgery there is always risk and I know that so again..I'm worried. In order to keep myself sane and not to go crazy I thought I'd write it out..So in celebration of are 10 things I love about my mom..

1. She loves my kids with all her heart and lets them be little boys..she treats them like children and keeps them in line..

2. She is ALWAYS there when I need her..even when I tell her that "I got it all under control..don't worry" like when I had my tubes tied..and I called her from recovery with a fat lip and in a lot of pain and begged her to come take care of me..

3. When I told her I was pregnant..a month after high school graduation..she didn't yell..didn't get mad..etc..she just hugged me and then helped me tell my Dad..(secretly..she was excited about having a grandchild)

4. she taught me how to clean and cook..which may sound stupid but now a days these are skills that a lot of women don't know.

5. She always made Christmas special and is now helping me carry on those traditions..
6. She's not a crazy pack-rat..which will make things easier when i put her in a home..LOL..just kidding!!!
7. She always says the funniest things and doesn't get too mad when we all tease her..we are all ruthless..
8. She sometimes helps clean my house when I'm not looking and when I do catch her she always makes sure I understand that she is only helping me because she knows that I have a lot on my plate..not because I'm a slob..which I swear I'm not..
9. Coconut creme pie..creamed corn at Christmas..enough said..
10. She always knew I'd finish college..I think..but she cried at my graduation party because she was so proud of me..
So keep the momma in your prayers and I'll let you know when she's feelin' good again..its gonna be hard not to make her laugh until all those stitches heal..


Jen said...

Yes please keep me posted! She will be just fine:)Both your parents are great people.

I like #6 :)

Nostalchick said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. There are so many little things to be grateful for- aren't there? Thanks for reminding me.