Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memories and Reflections

Today is my youngest sons 6th birthday! So many thoughts go through my head as I relfect on his last 6 amazing years! he has defied all odds and grown and achieved things no one ever thought possible (except me of course)He has become an amazing little boy who is capable of so much more. although the cochlear implant didn't work out as good as we had hoped (autism and his genetic deletion thingy complicated things) it still is a vital part of him and he loves it and wants it on, but signing will be his language. So when I look back on the child who the doctors told me " do not expect too much" from and "just be happy with what you get" I feel like saying HA HA Neiner neiner..I can actually sign this in sign language..I learned! So as I decorate my house with cowboy stuff for his birthday party and make him a strawberry shortcake guitar cake (which is AWESOME! pics will for sure follow)I can't help but be amazed by the gift God had entrusted me with, and thats what it is. He is not mine, he is and has always been one of God's angels and luckily I get to be a part of raising him. I just can't wait to see what the next 6 years will bring!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Identity theft??

So I was reading through some random blogs and I read a lot about people stealing other bloggers pictures and passing them off as their own on their blogs...can we say FREAKY..SICK..FREAKY..oh wait I already said that but ou get the picture..A lot of the bigger blogs keep their kids names private or give them cute little nicknames to protect their privacy.So I'm thinking I shall do the a follower..LOL..Now to think of some good names for my kids..hmmm..terd boy and Sir Farts Well off to think and sleep??

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy Letter Thursday

Dear Mr. My house is by the School and so is my driveway,
I get that your house is in front of the school and thus people sometimes are in the way. But today you made a total arse out of yourself when upon coming home from where ever and finding someone parked in your driveway (I get that that was not cool, but an honest mistake, and it was also POURING rain)you sat in the driveway blocking all the cars around the school and proceeded to lay on your horn. You continued to act like an idiot and lay on your horn while everyone around you looked as you waved your hands in the air and whined about how someone was in your driveway. You know you easily were able to go around her and get into your driveway and garage. I mean was it really that big of a freaking deal to let this lady with her little 1st grader park in your driveway for 5 minutes? I watched you from across the street scream at this lady and then go over to the cross guard like you were going to tattle some more! Geez a little more graceful..have some compassion for your fellow man and don't be such a pill. You were embarrassing to watch and you could have handled it sooo much differently. No matter how justified you felt, I just want you to know that you made an absolute fool out of yourself in front of everyone who was watching and that I will pray for you tonight, and ask God to lessen your burden just a little since you are obviously so stressed out that you have to go ballistic on someone for parking in your driveway on a rainy day.
The Mom that told her boys how foolish that crazy man across the street was behaving.

And for my second letter to the second Idiot of the day (Myself)
Dear Jennifer,
Next time you are feeling like a stud and want to put all that weight on your bar at the 24Lift class..think twice. Your body just isn't ready to work that hard. I mean you have us on this diet and then are all out there working out too hard and killing us. Oh, by the way, thanks for stuffing us with 3 pieces of pizza last night as a reward..Thanks! Seriously, tonight when we go back to The Nazi's class..maybe be a little nicer??
Your butt and thighs

3rd and Final

Thanks a lot for being a slacker in Dental school or maybe just being lazy and not paying attention to me and my needs. Because of your in-attention to details you put a crown on my tooth incorrectly and caused me to have to get that tooth pulled out...and now to have to get an implant costing around $2000 and to make matters worse..the other crown and root canal you did was crap too! Guess who had to have 2 more root canals and 3 crowns because of it??? You guessed it..another $2000..I hope you have a great vacation as mine this year will not be happening because the money had to go to my mouth so I could continue to breathe and not get addicted to Vicodin for the pain..
Jennifer "official white trash now that I'm missing a tooth" Madrigal


Dear God,
Please forgive me for being unChristian about my fellow man. I know I should pray for these individuals and I will starting right now. Love You and thanks for loving me even though these things to BUG Me. I promise to drop it and move on right NOW!
silly, hair-brained Me

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This was painted by my buddy Rebecca Rois-Mendez who is an AWESOME Artist! I chose it because it is beyond reminds me of how us as Christians are constantly being tempted by the evil forces around awesome

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Night Confessions!

These are my confessions..cue Usher song..LOL
Just kidding..sticking with my New Year's know the one about Writing becuase after all WRITERS WRITE! So many excuses are now null..void and lets be honest they are excuses and as my lovely Southern Grandma used to say.." Excuses are like booties..we all got em' and they all stink!". Gotta embrace the truth of an old southern saying that while a little crass (spelling?) is so true!
So here is my attempt at writing consistently and maybe trying to get the 5 people in the world who read my blog to chuckle a here are my confessions on this Saturday night..don't know what caused me to do could be the Mexican food I just ingested..sucked down..Mexican food makes me honest..
1. I'm pretty much the same as I was when I was 6. Seriously, while I may be more mature I pretty much still have the same personality and tolerance level.
2. I think I need to seriously seek therapy for my addiction to the TWILIGHT books. I've read them all 3 times and listened to them on Audiobooks about 10 times each..I know.."WHERE DO U GET the TIME?" Seriously, audiobooks on an ITOUCH is life changing people! You can do so much while youlisten to a book and the narrator for those books is soo good. I'm thinking that my love of listening to them has something to do with finding an escape from all the recent saddness in my life..but who knows maybe I'm just a dork.
3. Everyone thinks I'm a great cook..I'll admit I am..but my kids eat a lot of Easy Mac and sandwiches..sometimes I'm lazy.
4. I never reveal my TRUE weight..I always fudge by at least a few pounds
5. Speaking of addictions...did I mention I listen to books on my I-touch..a lot! I'm trying to listen to sermons and the Bible to balance out all the other garbage I listen to.
6. And the biggest confession..I am such a dork that I actually went to the midnight showing of New Moon and was SUPER excited to see it and yes I will do the same for the next there..who cares if I'm 30..I'm still a teen inside!
Ahh..feel so much better..what are your saturday night confessions or are you out having a good time or doing something cool? Whatever..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Letter of Intent

The stinkin' Letter of Intent Icon won't upload because my computer is a RA-TARD

Dear Nicholas.
I know you are deaf and autistic and thus cannot hear and really understand anything but I have a few little things I would like to get off my chest. First, I love when you kiss me..but if you could please do it without smashing my face off..that would be awesome! Next, while I love the ease of diapers, maybe almost 6 years old is a bit old to still be wearing them?? I mean buddy, you poop like a man and its very hard to "stomach it". Also, if you could stop writing your name on the wall, the shower in steam, the car window and with yogurt and instead use a pencil and write on'd be much obliged...but most of all Nicholas thanks or being such a super awesome kid! You amaze me daily with your ability to figure out the world around you and somehow find a way to thrive. I pray that one day you will learn how to talk, sign or at least somehow communicate enough to tell all those neurologists,geneticists,etc..that said to forget about you and to expect nothing to KISS OFF..hmmm maybe I'll make shirts. I wish you could understand how much everyone loves you! You are a blessing to my life and those around and I wouldn't have you any other are an EXERCISE in patience..and I know that someday when you meet me in heaven you'll be the most beautiful, hearing, speaking,running and understanding Angel anyone has ever if you could just please use the toilet and not finger paint your glasses, put your cochlear in the washing machine, toilet or out of the car window, or...well anyway I guess I'll keep you anyway.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Story behind picture..this is what one looks like when they have been all numbed up for dental work..I was smiling normal but half my face was Dad was laughing so hard!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Just write whats on your brain is a really crowded place to you really want a peak in there?
I am so sick of being plump. want my old youthful body back and whjy is this stupid weight staying on??? WTH!!! I wish I could look like I have it all together and why do I really bother writing on this blog at all..noone reads it..but do i really care..sometimes its just nice to vent and say what you need to say and get it out there..its freeing in a way..I use the .....way too much but I think it shows my pause and reflect..its the poet in me...the wait and the pause signify thought and well pause..I need to go the gym and work some booty off but I also need to clean the house..and get a real job and get out of debt and refinish my kitchen cabinets and balance my checkbook and trim all the bushes in the front yard and write a book which keeps bouncing around in my head..Does blogging mean you are an attention whore? Geez I really should use better language and beter spelling..I'm a disgrace to Englsih degree holders everywhere..look I even mispelled English! People, I can spell its my typing skills which SUCK! Speaking of sucking..Cancer sucks..I miss my mom..I think of her at least once every 30 minutes..her picture is looking at me right now and I spoke to it..alright I talk to her all the time becuase I know she can hear me and it makes me feel does blogging or writing anyway..who cares if no one cares it feels good to release it..Grr..I'm feeling responsibel now so I better get off and clean..ta ta for now!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All that really the ever after..

What does this mean to you? Is it about love? is that all that matters the happy ever after?? I heard this line or something like it in a song on the radio and I wrote it down, becuase thats what I do..I hear words or lines and I write them down becuase they usually lead me on some other tangent. To me they mean the real ever after..the place we go when we die..ever after..forever know eternity. Really everything we have on earth means so little and we can't take it with us when we leave. All that is left of us when we leave is the memories and the lives we've touched. Its so true that one should spend their life earning tresures but those treasure are the eternal tresures and crowns that one may only redeem in heaven..I am so grateful that while I was never overly materialistic or vain, I have been humbled greatly and God brought me to my knees by snatching my mother away from me..I get it now..I have seen the light (Cheesy I know..but sooo true)All that realy matters IS the EVER AFTER! Afterall life is just a practice round where God grooms you and molds you into the person you are suppossed to be and prepares you for Eternity with Him. So even when the whole world feels like its falling apart, try and see the purpose of it, suffering is good for you. it humbles rebuilds you and as long as you can see that light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes even when you can't, trust in God. He does have your back and no one thats ever followed Him has been led the wrong way. They may have been led astray by other forces but never away and I assure you that they will spend the Ever After with Him and thats all the really matters.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Neighborhood Christmas Party!

These are my wild and crazy neighbors! This was our 6th(?)annual Christmas Party. These crazy people are a big part of the reason why it would be very hard to leave this neighborhood..They seriously are like family..a large dysfunctional but lovable family..Check out the kids all sitting on the stairs..crazy children..Love em' all and we had a great time and the tamales were fabuloso!

Cookin' with the Fam Bam!

Okay so every year...for the past 3 or so..we have this little holiday cookie cookin' tradition so we can spend time with my bestest cousin Heidi and her girlies..We make a lot of cookies and the kids eat a lot of sugar, frosting and cookies..but its all good anyway..It was a little weird without my mom being there..but we marched ..or should I say..baked on and I'm glad we did. The results were..delicious..(oh..just a side stupid computer won't let me write about each picture know these pictures are of my family..Tom, my brother and Christy his wife. My aunt Jackie and her daughter Sarah and son Tristan. My cousin Heidi and Makayla and Nia her daughters and my kids, Isaiah, Andrew and Nicholas..)

The Amazing Nicholas!

Okay..maybe this does not look amazing to you..but to me..he is wonderful. He watched me pound the dough, cut out the cookies and then place them on the cookie sheet and he figured out how to do it himself and helped..Best of all he was so happy and completely thrilled with himself.He is amazing! least to me he is!