Friday, January 15, 2010

Letter of Intent

The stinkin' Letter of Intent Icon won't upload because my computer is a RA-TARD

Dear Nicholas.
I know you are deaf and autistic and thus cannot hear and really understand anything but I have a few little things I would like to get off my chest. First, I love when you kiss me..but if you could please do it without smashing my face off..that would be awesome! Next, while I love the ease of diapers, maybe almost 6 years old is a bit old to still be wearing them?? I mean buddy, you poop like a man and its very hard to "stomach it". Also, if you could stop writing your name on the wall, the shower in steam, the car window and with yogurt and instead use a pencil and write on'd be much obliged...but most of all Nicholas thanks or being such a super awesome kid! You amaze me daily with your ability to figure out the world around you and somehow find a way to thrive. I pray that one day you will learn how to talk, sign or at least somehow communicate enough to tell all those neurologists,geneticists,etc..that said to forget about you and to expect nothing to KISS OFF..hmmm maybe I'll make shirts. I wish you could understand how much everyone loves you! You are a blessing to my life and those around and I wouldn't have you any other are an EXERCISE in patience..and I know that someday when you meet me in heaven you'll be the most beautiful, hearing, speaking,running and understanding Angel anyone has ever if you could just please use the toilet and not finger paint your glasses, put your cochlear in the washing machine, toilet or out of the car window, or...well anyway I guess I'll keep you anyway.


Foursons said...

I'm sorry the button is not working for you! When you highlight the code try hitting CTRL A to make sure you have highlighted all of it, then copy and paste into your blog.

Your son sounds amazing- I'm so sorry for the frustrations. I can understand them on some aspect since I have a son with Asperger's. But I cannot understand fully of course. I hope you can get him potty trained at least! That has got to be the worst. You have a beautiful family and I am definitely going to delve deep into your blog and read all about y'all!

Thanks for linking up and becoming my newest follower! I'm thrilled!

Mr. Daddy said...

Love the paradox in your letter of intent...

how can you get so frustrated, yet be so blessed at the same time.

Must be a God thing!!!!

Farmers Wife said...

Don't worry, my face gets smashed off regularly during kisses too!!!

Julia said...

Great letter! And yeah, he's a keeper, despite everything -- maybe because of everything. He's going to find a way to tell the doctors where to go, the ones who told you to write him off. How anyone could look a mother in the face and tell her to do anything except the best for her child, to expect anything except the best! Kids, especially ones with special needs, will live up to or live down to our expectations. Nick's gonna wow everyone someday.