Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Night Confessions!

These are my confessions..cue Usher song..LOL
Just kidding..sticking with my New Year's know the one about Writing becuase after all WRITERS WRITE! So many excuses are now null..void and lets be honest they are excuses and as my lovely Southern Grandma used to say.." Excuses are like booties..we all got em' and they all stink!". Gotta embrace the truth of an old southern saying that while a little crass (spelling?) is so true!
So here is my attempt at writing consistently and maybe trying to get the 5 people in the world who read my blog to chuckle a here are my confessions on this Saturday night..don't know what caused me to do could be the Mexican food I just ingested..sucked down..Mexican food makes me honest..
1. I'm pretty much the same as I was when I was 6. Seriously, while I may be more mature I pretty much still have the same personality and tolerance level.
2. I think I need to seriously seek therapy for my addiction to the TWILIGHT books. I've read them all 3 times and listened to them on Audiobooks about 10 times each..I know.."WHERE DO U GET the TIME?" Seriously, audiobooks on an ITOUCH is life changing people! You can do so much while youlisten to a book and the narrator for those books is soo good. I'm thinking that my love of listening to them has something to do with finding an escape from all the recent saddness in my life..but who knows maybe I'm just a dork.
3. Everyone thinks I'm a great cook..I'll admit I am..but my kids eat a lot of Easy Mac and sandwiches..sometimes I'm lazy.
4. I never reveal my TRUE weight..I always fudge by at least a few pounds
5. Speaking of addictions...did I mention I listen to books on my I-touch..a lot! I'm trying to listen to sermons and the Bible to balance out all the other garbage I listen to.
6. And the biggest confession..I am such a dork that I actually went to the midnight showing of New Moon and was SUPER excited to see it and yes I will do the same for the next there..who cares if I'm 30..I'm still a teen inside!
Ahh..feel so much better..what are your saturday night confessions or are you out having a good time or doing something cool? Whatever..


Farmers Wife said...

Yep, sometimes my tolerance is that of a young child with no patience whatsover. I am working on changing this. Do you have time to follow my blog.....if you like reading about kids, farms, guinea fowl and my own stupidity??
I just clicked follow on your blog..too!

crazymamaof3 said...

Hey lady..I am following your crack me UP with your little Aussie self..I'll go back and double check to make sure i'ma follower