Monday, March 30, 2009

nicky lost his EARS and EYES

Well..nick did it this time. He managed to throw both his cochlear implant and glasses out the car window. They are gone and we are jsut praying that someone somewhere picked them up. Hopefully my homeowners insurance or Cochlear insurance will cover it and get us a new one..but if not..WE ARE totally screwed as he cannot hear a thing without it. which brings up a new conundrum..(SP?)..should i even bother? Its not like the cochlear has halped him learn to talk..but thats a whole new bridge we'll cross when we get there.Good thing I JUST ordered his new glasses that are ready to be picked up today.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sound and Fury

there is a movie about cochlear implants vs. deafness called "sound and Fury". It basically talks about a hearing/deaf familys struggle with choosing whether or not to implant their deaf children. This is a hugely CONTROVERSIAL topic. Still, being the only parent of a deaf child in my class (ASL 2) is difficult becuase I feel like I'm a target. Its funny how everyone has an opinion but how many of them have actualy been in this position. Walk a few steps in my shoes and THEN give me your opinion. Don't judge me because you have no idea why we made the choices we did. Its funny, but I'm glad we chose the cochlear but no it didn't work out like we hoped. The key is to teach and learn sign while you do the oral therapy. Give your child every oppurtunity so that they can chose which way they want to go when they are old enough to do so. LEARN sign language, even though its difficult. Every child desearves the chance to belong to a school or a group. Even deaf autistic kids need a place to belong...any takers???

Mr. Isaiah

Isaiah has his first communion in May. I'm so proud of him because he has had to take 2 years of classes, prepare himself, know all his prayers, etc. He's worked really hard and we're super proud. So this is the pic I took of him at the park. He looks like such a little man! Of course I took this pic as soon as we got to the park because within 20 minutes he was covered with mud from head to toe! Good thing I took these pics quick.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

he drew this face all by himself, just out of no where. hes been trying to write his name too! Not bad for a "retarded" kid. ha ha eat this school board! na na na na

Detoxing my life

Its no secret that most women who hve had children think that they need to lose a few pounds. I have always been one of those that needed to lose that last 10 or so pounds but after my last child , who is now 5, I haven't been able to drop it. Now its really starting to effect my life, my energy, my health, etc. and its more like 20-25 pounds now. it seems like every time I try and lose it, I fail and gain more. WTH! I have realized that there are so many reasons why, but i haven't had the time or desire to dive into the why.. Well, I finally am starting to understand that I keep putting everyone else first and not putting mysaelf on the list. As stupid as that sounds, its true. Weight is about so much more than just "weight". It causes so many more issues and I'm so done feeling self-conscious, and not fitting into anything. So I've decised to detox. Drink more fresh juice, eat more veggies, no MORE fast food, etc. I already exercise a lot, but that means squat without eating right. I need to prove to myself that I can do it and that I have the willpower to follow through. How I feel is something that is completly under my control and I need to freakin' take responsibility for it. I mean seriously..its food and cookies (damn girl scout cookies!) and blah blah. So my goal is to lose 25 pounds by july which is reasonable. We will see what happens...go me!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

something Funny!

Okay this morning, i'm barely awake as we were all sick yesterday and of course since I can't call in sick..I was exhausted..
Scene: my bathroom with all 3 sons brushing teeth and geling hair. Andrew comes out of toilet area and says:
MOM..this is Awesome!
me: whats awesome? (worried thinking he's gonna show me some crazy poop..which boys do do by the way)
Andrew: I just went peed and I only got one drop on your seat!(serious and very excited)
Andrew: Yeah usually I pee all over it because my weanie just dosen't want to lay down in the morning?? But today it listened when I told it to behave..
Me: now on the floor..almost peeing myself due to intense laughter and a very weak bladder.
Oh the things kids say.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Isaiah with his littlest bro Nicky..What a sweetie pie

Sweet Isaiah

So my 9 year old son Isaiah tells me tonight that he really loves me...On overhearing me telling my husband about some crazy detox diet I'm going on... Isaiah then procedes to tell me that I'm like the oil in his train..if something ever would happen to me then he'll stop running. His world would be all black and sad because I'm fun and super cool..This was followed by lots of kisses and hugs. Wow..what a sweetie. Guess I really need to focus on taking good care of myself and following through with a diet for once and finally losing this stinkin' baby weight (did I mention my "baby" just turned 5???)