Friday, March 27, 2009

Sound and Fury

there is a movie about cochlear implants vs. deafness called "sound and Fury". It basically talks about a hearing/deaf familys struggle with choosing whether or not to implant their deaf children. This is a hugely CONTROVERSIAL topic. Still, being the only parent of a deaf child in my class (ASL 2) is difficult becuase I feel like I'm a target. Its funny how everyone has an opinion but how many of them have actualy been in this position. Walk a few steps in my shoes and THEN give me your opinion. Don't judge me because you have no idea why we made the choices we did. Its funny, but I'm glad we chose the cochlear but no it didn't work out like we hoped. The key is to teach and learn sign while you do the oral therapy. Give your child every oppurtunity so that they can chose which way they want to go when they are old enough to do so. LEARN sign language, even though its difficult. Every child desearves the chance to belong to a school or a group. Even deaf autistic kids need a place to belong...any takers???

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