Friday, February 22, 2008

A little about us..

I have heard a rumor..but I'm not really sure if it is true?? There is suppossed to be a reason for everything and a purpose for all the drama in ones daily life...hmmm. I have always believed that God has a master plan especially for those children with special needs who need so much more than the "average child". I am fortunate enough to have been given one of these exceptionally wonderful children to care for. Actually, I have 3 beautiful boys and only one of them, the youngest, has special needs. Nicholas is 4 years old and a firecracker of joy and life. He loves living and life and umbrellas and balloons and anything that lights up, and he loves me, his mommy. i hate listing his "list of issues" because this is not his identity, it is not what defines him. He is deaf and uses a cochlear implant to have some access to sound. We are in the process of learning sign language, in addition to auditory therapy and flashcards/picture cards, to facilitate sppech and communication. Nicholas is also defined as having low-tone cerebral palsy (hypotonia) and possibly FG syndrome..Nicholas wears glasses to help with his nystagmus (eyes going side to side) and far-sightedness and because he looks so darn cute in them!! He walked shortly aftter he turned 3, crawled at 2.5 years and sat around 1 year. He still has not said or signed his first word but we are very hopeful that he soon will!! most of all he is happy and healthy and very well loved. We are very lucky to be surrounded by friends, family and neighbors who all love and cherish him and who go out of their way to interact with him.