Monday, January 11, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Just write whats on your brain is a really crowded place to you really want a peak in there?
I am so sick of being plump. want my old youthful body back and whjy is this stupid weight staying on??? WTH!!! I wish I could look like I have it all together and why do I really bother writing on this blog at all..noone reads it..but do i really care..sometimes its just nice to vent and say what you need to say and get it out there..its freeing in a way..I use the .....way too much but I think it shows my pause and reflect..its the poet in me...the wait and the pause signify thought and well pause..I need to go the gym and work some booty off but I also need to clean the house..and get a real job and get out of debt and refinish my kitchen cabinets and balance my checkbook and trim all the bushes in the front yard and write a book which keeps bouncing around in my head..Does blogging mean you are an attention whore? Geez I really should use better language and beter spelling..I'm a disgrace to Englsih degree holders everywhere..look I even mispelled English! People, I can spell its my typing skills which SUCK! Speaking of sucking..Cancer sucks..I miss my mom..I think of her at least once every 30 minutes..her picture is looking at me right now and I spoke to it..alright I talk to her all the time becuase I know she can hear me and it makes me feel does blogging or writing anyway..who cares if no one cares it feels good to release it..Grr..I'm feeling responsibel now so I better get off and clean..ta ta for now!

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Jen said...

It's okay to talk to your mom because she is there and can hear you. She is in your heart and will remain there as long as you keep talking to her and keep her there. Screw commas.

Does blogging mean you are an attention whore? hmm. maybe. But I also like to vent and have found that I am quite fond of my blog friends. They are amazingly supportive and don't judge over stupid things. I also love that people care about what I have to say. They keep coming back for more even when I ramble and have crappy grammar! lol