Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from Vacation..and now back to LIFE!

Isaiah, Andrew and I about 1/3 of the way in..
My grandpa (with hat) my aunt (in the back) and my dad(grey shirt) hiking away

Isaiah, Andrew and my cousin Tristan hiked through and tried to get as wet as humanly possible. They preferred to stay wet all the time!

Juan and Nick hiking on the paved part, which Nick preferred.

Nicholas checking out the campsite..yep it'll do.

We went to Zion National Park in Utah for 5 days and then just the boys and I went on to Havasu for the holiday weekend! What fun we had. I must say camping with boys and one of them being special needs is an experience but as always, Nicholas was a trooper. I try really hard to just push him beyond his comfort zone, obviously without terrifying him. This usually turns out well because once he realizes that its okay he has a blast. Case and point: Going through the Narrows in Zion. At first he wanted nothing to do with putting his feet in the cold water and then once I carried him..grr he is VERY heavy..he started to become interested and then started to like..not love it. He watched everyone and began to try and explore the rocks. It kind of reminds me of my FAVORITE poem, Footprints where the man wonders where God was when he saw only one set of Footprints..God was carrying him. This is me and Nicholas, I am determined to not allow or let him miss anything this world has to offer him so if need be I'll carry him..but let's hope he likes to walk because that little man is getting awfully heavy! So anyway, we hiked and enjoyed Zion and took lots of pictures, which will be below. Go visit Zion and hike the Narrows. I want to go back and hike all the way through because they really were breath-taking!

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