Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The road less traveled..

Two roads diverged in the woods...and I took the path less traveled on..Robert Frost.
I feel this particular line from this poem has so much significance to me now. We pray and pray to God to give us courage and strength but it seems He never does..then one day you realize that when you were praying for courage and strength He was giving it to you all along..He was giving you the opportunity to be strong and brave in different situations. Why is it that these things can't just come wrapped up in pretty boxes so we could so easily accept them and apply them to our lives? The answer is because that would be TOO easy and would not help to build character. Sometimes life is more about the journey then about the destination. Lately, I have been on what seems like a 10 year destination to find and fill this inner hole. I've prayed about it, been mad about it, tried to ignore it, tried to fill it with stupid things but have finally realized that in order for me to fill this void I may have to travel down the road less traveled..the bumpy one off the beaten path..because along that path hopefully I can find the answers that i have been seeking from God..

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