Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to lead people to God..Part 1

Don’t be a hypocrite...the “do as I say not as I do” mentality does not work well here. People will always watch you, are always judging you and will always be the first to let you know. As Christians, people are watching us more closely and waiting...waiting for us to slip up so they can say to one another, “Look there she goes. Some Christian”. While it is impossible to be without sin, without mistake, it is possible to be with Christ. To do as the old cliché says, “What would Jesus Do?” I find that I often ask myself this but unfortunately I don’t always listen. Be slow to anger. Slow to judge.Often I am the opposite. However, the difference between the world and a Christian is that I have the knowledge to know that I am wrong. I cannot sin and feel nothing. I know what I did was wrong and I feel conviction and the need to make amends. If I want to lead as an example of a Christian, I must acknowledge my faults, apologize when necessary and repent. Most of all I need to try and do better the next time. Don’t be a hypocrite and think that your sin doesn’t count or isn’t as bad as another’s. Don’t be fooled, all sin is equal in God’s eyes.

I really don’t know why I felt the need to write this tonight. I just sometimes feel that God makes it so easy for us and we screw it up. God is not a religion; He is a person, a being, and one that we choose to follow. He gives us a book that has all the instructions we will ever need in it and all we have to do is follow it. So in an effort to keep myself on God’s path I have to write out the things that are in my brain. I know its weird, but that’s how I process things. It’s almost as if I’ll go mad if I let all this stuff bumble around in my head... (bumble?? Ramble, get the idea). So this is my advice today, don’t be a hypocrite people because everyone is watching and most importantly…You can’t ever fool God.

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Farmers Wife said...

You do write beautifully, I enjoyed reading this xx