Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Recap of January

Once Again I hate my computer, but I digress.
January was a busy month here and there was a lot going on. So....I'll start in order of the pictures. First, my youngest son Nicholas turned 6! The top picture is of my friend Nick and his son Nico at Nicholas' birthday. I have known Nick since I was 8 and I used to watch Nico. I took this picture at Nicholas' birthday and love it...and I think it's funny how many variations of Nick I can use in one sentence!. This second picture is my sweet baby...errr..BIG boy Nicholas eating yogurt at his party. He was so happy and just loved everyone and everything but lets be real..he likes him some yogurt! dear friend Susie turned 40! Her husband surprised her by getting a limo, flying her mom and brother and sis in law out from Nebraska and having a group of her friends waiting in the limo and taking said limo on a wine tour in Temecula! Too here is a pick of me, the birthday girl and our other friend Mary at the first winery. baby bro finally graduated from school..well actually he graduated in Sept. but the actual graduation ceremony was in January. So here we are after the ceremony..My mom would have cried if she was still alive..we all cried because we were proud and we knew she was. At least she knew he finished before she died!
Well that was all the fun times in January! Stay tuned for February..LOL!

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