Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Went to my Dad's house this time I'm going to shoot up with anti-depressants before I go.Just kidding, I've never done drugs nor shot up with anything, I'm being dramatic and you get the picture. He's doing well, considering that he lost his soulmate to cancer not even 5 months ago and now is lost. Thank God he's christian and has God!!!! Saw the amazing fireworks show in Lake Havasu and got a kick out of watching Nicholas' face light up everytime the fireworks went off. Missed my mom, terribly,painfully..cried a lot. Took the kids to the movies and then to bowling. Karoke and family bowling should not go together. These people were horrible and I think when we left my ears were actually bleeding. Got back home to flowers for Valentines Day from the Hubby and the trash overflowing..was that part of the present??? A for effort! C for follow-through! LOL.. Now just relaxing after driving home in the car with 3 kids..does cleaning and doing laundry count as relaxing?? No..didn't think so but what the life is just so EXCITING! Will definately post more pictures soon as I have been so Lazy!

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