Monday, February 22, 2010

A Movie Review

Went and saw Valentine’s Day this weekend with my 2 hot dates, Nicholas and Isaiah. Nicholas goes to the kids club (babysitting in a movie theatre...the best idea EVER!) and Isaiah got to be my hot date. Now usually I would not let my almost 11 year old go see a PG-13 movie but he knows there are some rules:
1. If I cover your fighting me...NO EXCEPTIONS
2. You will listen to my opinions and my explanations, i.e. “Now you know it is not okay to have sex before you get married right?” “ People should not live together before they get married” or “ Isn’t that horrible for a man to cheat on his wife, those poor kids, how horrible”
3. I’ll share my soda but it’s going to be half diet coke half cherry coke and you can hold the popcorn.
4. No candy, I’ll eat it.
5. Laugh when I laugh and I’ll mommytize it for you later.
All in all it was a fun date and I really enjoyed spending the one on one with my oldest boy. He’s a pretty cool guy and is definitely his mother’s son and we are so alike! I wonder if he’ll want to go shopping with me when he gets older and is so much cooler then old mom????
After the movies we went to Old Navy with Nicholas because he received some gift cards for birthday so he got some really cute new clothes…Green is definitely his color and I love the fact that I can dress him HOWEVER I complaints, only loves and smiles all the time.

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Farmers Wife said...

Did you enjoy the movie, it has Taylor Swift, my daughters idol starring in it!