Friday, February 6, 2009

I've been chumped...

I think my oldest son has chumped me..He got in trouble at school yesterday and as a result came home all upset. School is difficult for him, but spelling especially. He is dyslexic so one can imagine that spelling words don't exactly bring out the Einstein in him..spelling is pretty much like torture to him and to me. anyway..he complained of feeling sick and I bought into it. Now here we are on Friday morning and Isaiah is home acting fine..but missing school. As soon as Nicky gets on his bus, once he finishes his last piece of cheese (5th one, this kid eats like a starving tank bt never gains a pound) I'm dropping the ax on this party. Someone will be kicking it in bed and studying for all 4 tests he has coming up-On the brighter side, I get to have a "hot" date with the hubby tonight so i guess I'll make sure I actually make it to the shower, shave, dress nicely and put on make-up..That will be a major accomplishment!

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Jen said...

Did you say shave?? What's that? Haha I haven't done that in about a month. Good thing Danny hasn't noticed:) Have fun on your date!