Thursday, April 16, 2009

decisions, decisions...

So I went to San Diego today to see another program for Nicholas that is for deaf and autistic/or special needs. Impressed...teacher was deaf but very social, sweet and a very animated signer! She had an awesome aide who was great with the 4 kids..yes 4 kids..sweet! Nicholas would probably do great there..but here's the problem it's in San diego 100miles away. School goes from 9-3:30pm which would mean I would either have to move there during the week and come home on the weekends or drive there every morning..oh and what about my other 2 sons who are in an awesome school, love the sports and activities they are in, etc. WHAT do I DO??? sacrifice the two for the one or the one for the two?? It shouldn't be this way..Nicholas should be able to attend a school near home where he can belong and be educated in a way that is condusive to him. If I had unlimited funds I would start my own school..does anyone know Bill Gates???no. me neither. Well..its off to bed and a busy weekend of birthday parties, baptism parties and a bridal times. Keep us in your prayers

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Julia said...

Oy, what a tough situation. What's your local school's spec ed team like? Any chance they'd be willing to try to replicate elements of the San Diego program? That kind of thing costs money, of course, which school districts never seem to have, but that's what grants are for (speaking of Bill Gates!).

BTW, finding opportunities to get some experience with grant writing might be a good first step toward your goal of creating a new kind of school. Maybe you could do some of that for your church or other groups you're involved in.