Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I have been up to....

Well....Yesterday I started a new job at The Buddy Group as the Office manager. Super excited and what an awesome place to work! I think I will like it very much, other than the fact that I always feel guilty leaving my kids, even though, I only work 8:30-2:30..but still I feel like I should be home cleaning, ironing and sewing stuff. Is it bad that I enjoy working?? Is it bad that I need the break and I like being creative?? I have always said that I would never let work compromise my kid's education or activities and so far so good. The only thing I worry about is school. Presently, all of my children are doing well in school, but the big budget cuts are kind of making me worry. How in the heck is Isaiah's school going to function with half of the teacher's gone???? Maybe they can have the kindergarten teachers mow the lawn and the principal can run the cafeteria? Seriously, we cannot afford to cut education anymore! So, this leads me to my issues...Isaiah will be spending 7 and 8th grade being home schooled so he will be ahead and ready for high school. He is happy to go to his school for 6th because of science camp and all that fun stuff!
Other than that I have been up to my ears with children and their sports. Andrew is in guitar and Soccer which he loves! Isaiah is in track and dance. I am trying to create the perfect men here ladies! I want my boys to be polite, know how to dance or play an instrument, be athletic and smart and of course love God and be humble. The being humble part is a little harder but we shall see what happens in that department. In Isaiah news..he ran a 5:29 in his mile on Saturday which is his best time and I was very excited but that track meet went on all day which was not exciting especially when you are kicking it in Compton. Andrew's team lost their first soccer game, bummer but he had fun! get ready for Easter this weekend! We are going to my Grandmas and I'm going to cook an Easter dinner. I am trying to stay optimistic but with my mother being gone and my Grandpa having Alzheimer''ll be difficult. It seems like I miss my mom more everyday? I thought it was supposed to be the opposite?
Oh is what it is! Hoppy Easter!!!

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