Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Person is a matter how small.

A Person is a Person no matter how small..

In honor of 40 days of Life and Dr. Seuss' 100th birthday I wanted to write this little post...

Have you ever seen or read Horton hears a Who? It is a great book/movie about Horton who one day hears a who on the tip of a flower. Everyone wants him to just clear the field and forget about the people on the tip of the flower. They're small and insignificant and aren't really big enough to count for anything. The who's in fact are in entire civilization living basically on the end of this flower..seeing a relation yet..hold on its coming. The whole world is telling him that these people are insignificant but Horton insists that they matter. He braves being laughed at, made fun of, "tortured" in a very g rated way..because he believes that A Person is a person no matter how small! What a great message for our kids to hear. Now, lets relate this to life. A person is a person no matter how small, so how can the world say that a fetus, an embryo, a whatever, is not a baby?? Don't tadpoles eventually become frogs? Do people dispute that? The sad thing is that the world has made babies before a certain development not human so that it is okay to kill them, after all Women deserve a choice. Murder is not a choice. I guess what I felt compelled to say was that it just shocks me how much people have cheapened life and how little respect life gets. Women who get pregnant out of wedlock ( is that even said anymore?) or are teenagers, and have the whole life ahead of them are urged to abort and get on with their lives instead of taking responsibility for their actions ( yes I know some girls are raped, abused, etc..obviously I am not talking about them). We have truly become a society of death, so much so that no one is even shocked when one says casually oh, I've had like 10 abortions...blah..blah..WHAT! I have been there. I got pregnant before I was married, the month after I graduated high School, while I was a teenager and I was terrified. True, I was a very mature, very responsible teenager and had a supportive family, but I knew that I had to take responsibility. I choose life. Isaiah has been the best CHOICE I ever made. 3 years later I had a baby who almost died and spent 30 days in the NICU clinging to life, and now Andrew, is the best gift I ever got. Then, in 2004 I had the child who changed my life forever, Nicholas. Deaf and autistic with loads of other issues, had I known that he was going to be disabled I never would have aborted him and he is the best gift God ever gave me. We must treat our children, no matter how or when they are conceived like they are a gift from God! So, like Horton, we have to be ready to stand up for those tiny people and scream a PERSON is a PERSON no matter how SMALL!

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