Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diets suck!

Okay I am in week 3 of my Medi-fast diet and although I have lost about 9 lbs..I'm frustrated. I think I need to work out but I know if I do I'll be starving..Just gotta keep going and keep that skinny body in my mind..Then, my husband decides to bring home some French Silk Pie which by the my FAVORITE! I dream of that pie, I want to stick my face in that pie....mmmmmmmmmm.. Its the little bites here and there that are killing me on this diet. Well, guess what? those little bites add up and one big ole' fat guess I need to regain focus and focus on staying on track. This time has to be different, I have to get this last 30 lbs off for good, as my "baby" is going to be 6 so I can't really blame him anymore..or can I? No..darn to go and drink a big ole glass of water and plan my workout for tonight. Oh why o why can't I just hook up my vaccuum cleaner and suck all the fat out?

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