Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To Nurse or not to nurse..that is the question????!!!

Started school online last night..again..Didn't I graduate already? Oh yeah..glutton for punishment because I decided to get my RN and be a nurse instead of an English Teacher..I think. I am very confused on this whole decision and the class I'm taking over the summer is going to have to make my decision for me. Do I go on and get my Masters/credential in Education or do I jump ship and get my RN? So many pros and cons to both that I am having the damnedest (spelling..??oh well don't care) making up my mind. They each will require the same amount of time, although the nursing program will be more intense and to be honest I feel a little stupid going back for all the science stuff. Its so hard when you are a mother because every decision you make effects so many people and you always want to try and make the best one for everyone involved. So we'll see what happens this summer as I am planning to pray about it and hope that God gives me some clarity on the issue..stay tuned..


Jen said...

Hmm, that's a hard decision. Being an RN would be great but remember, you could have crappy hours and with three kids that might not be good. Have you looked into this more?

crazymamaof3 said...

ahh..but i could work per diem work when i want and do graveyard two nights a week at most..Juan is off on Fridays and he'll have to step up..still pondering it.