Monday, November 23, 2009

Not me Monday!

I need to learn how to link this to MCKmama..her's are soo funny!

So here goes....
1.I did not me..drink way too much at my friend's birthday party and proceeed to puke on myself, the car and a friends driveway..nope not me..

2.I did not forget to read the part where it said.."While you are on this diet you should NOT DRINK ALCOHOL as you will metabolize it much quicker"..nope not me I always read the whole book and pay close attention..

3.I did not go and see NEW MOON twice already..nope not me..I am not overly addicted to some teeny bopper books..

4. I am not in love with a fictional character..see #3..nope not me..I just love the love story.

5. I do all my laundry ever week and never...ever let it pile up to an insane amount..nope not me I'm perfect..ha ha..sorry couldn't help myself.

6. I did not take a sip of wine tonight..see #2..and the proceed to spen the next hour in the bathroom..nope I learn from my mistakes!

Ahh that was so much fun! So glad to be back in the blog world. I'm challenging myself to update my blog everyday for a month!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Sounds like you need to get off that stupid diet so you can have a drink! ha! I will have to call you and walk you through the link process.